A Halloween Bonus ~ Don’t Get Scared Now


Author: James McDonall

I believe in laughing, especially at yourself, and as often as possible. I believe in "live and let live". I believe that communication is the foundation of all our solutions. I believe that listening is more important than speaking, and that speaking should always serve the cause of listening.

9 thoughts on “A Halloween Bonus ~ Don’t Get Scared Now”

  1. Where is Glenda the good witch when you need her? She’d cast away all the darkness. Of course she’d need Dorothy and her ruby slippers and of course a bucket of water tp ge rid of the witch. Echoes of “I’m melting” resound in my mind as well as “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” Best line ever in that movie.

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      1. Perhaps he’s a little too busy to comment or like. It’s a lot of work you know to like something someone wrote. Of course, if you don’t read it, you really can’t like it.


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